- Privacy Policy -

The company called “Sportlery” has a strict privacy policy. We take your privacy very serious and treat your personal information with a lot of caution. This policy explains how we handle personal data.

Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (Data Protection Law)
Our privacy statement is in line with the Data Protection Law. The data entries are stored in the registry and used for financial and drafting agreements.

Data Storage
The collected data is stored in our own CRM system, this system is highly secure and the data is unavailable in any way to third parties. The data will not be loaned, rented or sold, nor made public in a different way.

Changing Data
The email newsletter and other mailings have a link included with the option for you to you opt out of email communications from Sportlery. You can also adjust your personal information at your profile settings while logged in. You are always entitled to know which data we have collected. Upon request, we will show you our files. You can do this by contacting us.

If you have questions or comments regarding this privacy policy, please contact us using the contact details below:

Marconistraat 16
3029 AK Rotterdam
+31 (0)6 41 86 66 11

Changing Policy
Sportlery has the right to adapt changes to this privacy policy where needed. The changes will be visible on this page. This page was last modified on 11/04/2017.